Highands Golf Club

33260 Highlands Lane

Gearhart, Oregon 97138

Tee Times & Info: 503.738.5248


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The state of Oregon has allowed golf courses to remain open as golf is treated like other safe outdoor activities and hiking that allow for social distancing of at least 6':


Stay Healthy & Enjoy Your Walk at Highlands Golf Club

Thank you for practicing safe social distancing at the golf course to curb the spread of illness.


Here are some tips and new implementations to stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors and fresh air on the course:

⛳️ Check in over your phone by calling 503-738-5248!

⛳️ Pass holders may bring their own pen and mark their own punchcard outside the window when checking in.

⛳️ We are walking only! Keep a safe distance of 6’-10’ feet or more from your playing partners. We have a member of our staff designated as our social distancing monitor.


⛳️ Play as a single or in groups of two if you prefer.


⛳️ Keep the flagstick in at all times, we have modified the cups so you do not have to touch anything but your golf ball!


⛳️ Smooth over footprints and uneven sand in bunkers with your foot, rakes have been removed.


⛳️ Cheer on your playing partners by giving the Arnold Palmer thumbs up instead of high fives and handshakes!


⛳️ Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after your round.


⛳️  Avoid congregating indoors or in close contact outdoors after the round. Only one person is allowed in the golf shop at a time to use the facilities.


⛳️ Drive your own car to and from the golf course instead of carpooling with playing partners to avoid spreading illness.


⛳️ Have fun and enjoy the open space, exercise, and sunshine!


  Thank you for helping to keep our customers, guests, and employees safe and healthy by practicing safe social distancing and avoiding close contact.


For more information on helping to curb the spread of the Corona virus please visit:


And always follow your local, county, and state health guidelines. ⛳️

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